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Meet Mary Jo

I have appreciated the opportunity to engage in my community and make a difference.  As a PTA & Special Education PTA leader, & Chair of New Rochelle’s Open Space & Community Resources Committee, I work tirelessly to ensure that opportunities for personal achievement and improvement abound for all.  As County Legislator, I would seek to create an environment where individuals have resources available to ensure a life well lived.



My commitment to the people of District 10 and Westchester County:


  • To spend your money responsibly.
  • To offer educational and social support with the goal of self-sufficiency.
  • To make decisions that respect & support the long-term improvement of our environment responsibly & the long-term value of our County.


I will apply my business and volunteer experiences to ensure a cost effective, efficient legislature that is helping people get through difficult times, paving a path to the American dream of prosperity, ensuring roads, infrastructures, and drinking water are safe, and parks are well maintained and ready to enjoy after a hard week’s work.


The numbers are in & I have conceded the victory.


MJ Family2It was wonderful.

I'm deeply grateful to the team of volunteers that worked so very hard throughout the campaign and the many people that voted for me.   Supporting me as the voice of their ideals and philosophies was a tremendous honor.  I will always cherish the enthusiasm and positive energy injected into all we did - as a team.  

I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone to step in, step up, and fully engage in whatever you believe is important - the journey is its own reward.  

From me and my family - thanks to each and every one of you.


As seen in the NR Patch...


It’s a Wonderful Life – or – Having your George Bailey Moment.


I WON!  OK, not the County Legislator seat, but I won on so many other levels.


On election night my home was filled with family and friends.  There was great anticipation, excitement, and optimism in the air.  I had chosen to receive polling numbers from our volunteers in my home and then we were going to what we hoped would be the Democratic celebration at the Westchester Hilton. 


Our numbers suggested early on that I had lost the race.  Our polling had us down one hundred votes with four districts in Eastchester not reporting.  It was highly unlikely I would be pulling out a win.  There was added drama afterwards as the numbers on News12 didn’t match ours, but at this time, we believed it was over.


When I heard the news it was as if I was under water – I was hearing, but it was somehow muffled and unreal.  I came to the kitchen table where all were assembled.  This area of my home was filled to capacity – it had that crowded, homey feeling like the ending of It’s a Wonderful Life.


So much had been accomplished by so many to get me to this point.  I knocked on thousands of doors – always with a walking buddy.  I completed endorsement applications that illuminated the concerns in our community including children’s issues, immigration, the environment, police safety, gun control, pro-choice advocacy – the list goes on.  All the events and interviews I attended for organizations that included the AFL-CIO, Calabria Society, Sierra Club, NAACP, CSEA, Westchester Police Benevolent Association, etc.  How I thoroughly enjoyed attending services and sharing in the traditions of the Baptist churches and temples of New Rochelle and Tuckahoe.


I also thought about those that need our help in the community.  New Rochelle’s homeless shelter, Oasis, and New Rochelle Day Nursery are struggling under significant funding losses.  The people at Eastchester CAP need to be supported in the good work they do.  I worried that those services that were so significantly cut could fall further into the abyss, and I vowed to stay involved and be vigilant to their needs.


This was the moment to let everyone down by telling them of the loss.  But what I saw was love, warmth, support, caring – a community that clearly appreciated that I had engaged.   So, as with George Bailey, what could have been taken as disastrous was actually overwhelmingly positive.  I was buoyed by those in the room and those that I met along the way.


It was clear to me that George Bailey moments come to you as a result of your service to others.  I looked into the eyes of those that cared deeply, that gave so much of themselves, and who believed I was the best person to be their voice for our shared concerns.  I felt like the “…richest (wo)man in town”.


I strongly encourage everyone to work towards and seek their George Bailey moment.  I am profoundly grateful to everyone that helped me achieve mine.


Mary Jo Jacobs
Grateful Participant in the Run for County Legislator, District 10

Mary Jo's Response: League Of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters proposed a couple of questions to the Candidates for District 10 County Legislator.  Mary Jo commented on what are the the most important issues facing District 10 & the whole County as well as her thoughts about the Indian Point Power Plant closure.

Identify and priortize the most important issues facing your District and the County, as a whole.

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Mary Jo Reinvigorates Senior Citizen Program

When Mary Jo visited the Ludington Adult Day Program she learned that one of their popular activities is sewing & knitting but they did not have enough supplies.  Through her knowledge of other non-profit associations & networking, Mary Jo linked the Ludington group with Operation Prom & Family Services of Westchester's the Sharing Shelf who now benefit from the work of the industrious needleworkers.


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